Catching up with Enzo Fittipaldi

Catching up with Enzo Fittipaldi

While he carries an iconic name and is a friendly face in the paddock, we didn’t know too much about Enzo before our chat with him back at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. We caught up with him on the Saturday, before his P3 finish in the feature race the next day.


PF - Hey Enzo, how are you doing?

EF - Very well, and you?


PF – We’re great thank you! Alright, let’s get into it… How would you describe this season in 3 words?

EF - I would say, in three words, ummm…fun. Learning, you’re always learning. Actually, instead of fun, I would say exciting. And lastly competitive. So, exciting, learning, and competitive!


PF - Both you and your brother Pietro are following in the footsteps of your grandfather Emerson, what is that like? It must feel pretty special to be carrying on his legacy and name in racing today. 

EF - Yeah it is, it’s pretty cool you know. It’s an honour to carry the Fittipaldi name on the track. But also at the end of the day, I want to make it to Formula 1 and I want to make a name for myself, that’s my ultimate goal, so I’m just doing my own thing and taking the steps I need to take.


PF - We’ve seen him with you in the paddock and on the pit wall while you race, can you talk to us a little about working so closely with your brother Pietro? 

EF - Working with my brother is good, we have a great relationship. We try to help each other out a lot and he has a lot more experience than me so I'm always trying to learn from what he has to say. There’s always a lot to learn from people who have more experience and knowledge. But yeah he just helps me out during the race weekend and gives me tips, he’s always just trying to find a way to help me. Being there by my side is always amazing!


PF - Do you have any pre-race rituals? Do you listen to music, have a specific routine, or do anything to get you in the zone? 

EF - Not really, I don’t really have a pre-race ritual as such. I think I do something different every time I jump in the car.  


PF - That’s quite interesting, it feels like most people do have a kind of routine or ritual...

EF - I think I visualise a lot. Before qualifying for example I always visualize how I want it to go and how I want the lap to work out. That’s something I do that helps me get into a rhythm I would say. But like a structured routine, I don’t have one. 


PF - Are there any drivers or athletes that inspire you? 

EF - I would Senna has always been someone I have always looked up to since I was very young. Jim Clark, I really admire him too, I’ve watched a lot of videos of him and I think he was an amazing driver!


PF - Do you have any passions outside of racing? What are you doing to unwind and have fun?

EF - To unwind I would say family time. It’s so important to me. I think the best way to clear my head is by spending time with family back home in the US. Oh and going fishing!


PF - What’s something on your bucket list?

EF - Race in Formula 1 someday!!


PF - Anything outside of racing? Anything mad you want to do?

EF - Probably go fishing in Brazil with my dad.


PF - Ah sick that’s really cool…


PF - You obviously travel a lot, what’s your favourite place you’ve gotten to visit?


EF - Somewhere that’s really amazing is where my girlfriend lives. There’s a place called Yelapa, you have to cross the ocean to get to it, there’s a little jungle…


PF - Where in the world is that?

EF - It's in Mexico! Yeah it's really cool because the only way we can get to this place is by boat from Puerto Vallarta. It's great to meet the native people that live there and it's just a really beautiful place.


PF - What’s is something that motorsport has taught you? Any big life lessons or even small things that have crept into your day-to-day? 

EF - I think when you put your mind to something, and you really go for it, hard work pays off and things start to happen for you. The world of motorsport is like a rollercoaster, you have one good week and then a bad one. It's a very harsh sport to compete in because it's extremely competitive, but that’s what I love about it. So yeah one thing motorsport has taught me for sure is the basics, dedication, being determined, and always trying to learn something new, as you can apply that to all aspects of life. Every time I go out on track I learn something. I think that’s something else that applies to everyday life, you can never stop learning, no matter how good you think you are there’s always more to learn.


PF - What’s the plan for the next couple of months, after Monza you’ve got time to kill before Abu Dhabi. What will you be up to? 

EF - I hope I have a good weekend here in Monza so that I have a positive few months before Abu Dhabi. It's a long time until the next race so I hope I leave with a smile from Monza! I will probably be going to some Formula 1 races, like Interlagos and Mexico. And then mainly just training, keeping fit and getting ready for that last race. I'll also be going back to the US, back home in North Carolina, and spending time at home with family.


PF - What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?

EF - If you have a goal or a dream, just go for it! Don’t let things distract you. There can be times in life when you start getting distracted and that’s when you will start losing performance. Racing is a world where you need to be very focused and very determined on what you are doing. I think not letting little things distract you, just stick to that goal and go for it! 


PF - So don’t get distracted.

EF - yeah don’t get distracted and enjoy it. That's also really important, enjoy it. One of the best pieces of advice I have been given is every time you go out on track drive like it's the last time you will ever drive. So give it your best and enjoy it as much as possible. 


PF - It must be pretty hard to not get distracted by things outside of racing right?

EF - Yeah it can be pretty hard. Even small things, like if you’re going to too many parties or going out every weekend. It's easy to lose your focus. Every driver is different but it's so important to maintain focus and keep pushing for your goals.


PF - It's so interesting to us that you guys do this sport from such a young age, you live such a different life…

EF - Yeah, it's very different, a unique childhood. But for me I guess it's pretty normal because my family is a motorsport family, so I've grown up in this world. I don’t really know anything else other than racing. It’s life!

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